Mar 28th, 2014

PostWallpaper - Wallpaper in social

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PostWallpaper - Wallpaper in social: Share, Like, Comment on your favorite wallpapers!
Most professional and passionate wallpaper provider worldwide.

Proudly developed and operated by MMMOOO in the new era of mobile internet.

※ A Platform target Wallpaper, NOT just photo
PostWallpaper provides wide range fancy wallpaper in a social way. we design the graph as easy to explore and use.
※ DIY own wallpaper and share to the world
Lots of creative template to polish your wallpaper. Even more, you can make money through the platform.
※ Leverage the power of social
Use #tag to make your post easier be listed. Using @name make to him/her in attention.
Case: mention @wallpapersky to ask for a particular wallpaper :)
※ Invite or find friends from phone contacts, let's have fun together.
You can share the wallpaper to other 3rd party social platform as well.

Download and Started enjoying wallpaper in social

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Dec 30th, 2013

Enjoy unique theme bar in Wallpaper Sky

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To enrich your mobile phone and make it colorful and personalized, Wallpaper Sky Pro has open its Theme Store to you. You can download unique and beautiful bar themes for your BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30 or even Porsche Designed P'9982.

So let me show how to enjoy these excellent bar themes.

1. Launch the Wallpaper Sky Pro and then slide down to active the "Settings" menu
2. Click the "Settings" and enter, you can find the entry of Theme Store
3. Long press on the bar theme you like to download

So, you have downloaded the bar theme to local! You can use them by clicking the "Theme" button in "more"while viewing wallpapers. The new downloaded theme was in front of the default 20 themes.

The Theme Store will keep updating and it will be really convenient and unique.

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Nov 19th, 2013

Fingerprint Unlock at Discount in BlackBerry World!

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You can never imagine how cool it be when you unlock your BlackBerry® by your fingerprint!! Yes, you can have the amazing Fingerprint Unlock Pro at its half price for the Fall Autumn Sale.

Fingerprint unlock is the best unlocking software on BlackBerry®. Press your finger in the button of your phone screen, then the phone will simulate scanning your fingerprint and unlock automatically.

★Tips: Fingerprint unlock is a kind of software imitating the unlock effect by judging the time span which the finger lingers in the screen and the way the finger leaves the screen, please notice, so it is not really scan your fingerprint!

How to use:
1. Enter Fingerprint Unlock and then set the unlock condition. (Such as: 3 Beeps and then Slide Up)
2. IMPORTANT please remember the unlock condition you set.
3. Activate the lock screen, then use the condition you set in last step to unlock. (Press on the screen and wait for 3 beeps then slide up)

One more thing, don't miss it in BlackBerry World! Check it out at BlackBerry World , do remember write down your review~:)

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Nov 6th, 2013

Smart Cover - the most luxury launcher in BlackBerry

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The most luxury Quick Launcher & Screensaver 2 in 1! Based on 3D, Smart Cover could be very smooth and elegant and make your phone stand out!

Smart Cover is the premium version of a super app from MMMOOO, it helps you to access your frequent system apps convenientlyWith Smart Cover, you will find your phone is also premium and cool and the envy of others! :)

On qwerty devices, use "↑", "↓" to rotate the launcher; use "←", "→" to select the application.

One more thing, it's on great discount now in BlackBerry World! Check it out at BlackBerry World , do remember write down your review~:)

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Nov 6th, 2013

BLock, the most powerful privacy protect!

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BLock, the most powerful secrets protect app on BlackBerry OS! You can lock your media, contacts, messages, apps, functions etc. With the help of Block you can have a better protect on your privacy. There will be no worry when your friends borrow your mobile!

☆ Private Photos Protect
☆ Important Contact Protect
☆ Special Apps Lock
☆ Private Functions Lock
☆ Secret Message Lock

Above all, it's on great discount now in BlackBerry World! Check it out at BlackBerry World , do remember write down your review~:)

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Nov 6th, 2013

Funny Doodle Duck Ninja Theme on Discount!

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A stunning doodle theme telling a legendary story about a duck ninja!~ We could review the ranger life of the duck at Incoming Call Screen, Calling Screen, Lock Screen... More for exploring! :)

Fantastic doodle style, you won't miss it! Funny duck ninja with doodle style, high resolution icon

1. Not just a theme, but also a story;
2. Cute character:Duck Ninja;
3. Doodle Style;
4. Message preview when hover on for OS5;
5. A set of high resolution icons;

One more thing, it's on great discount now in BlackBerry World! Check it out at BlackBerry World , do remember write down your review~:)

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Nov 4th, 2013

Gif Animator Premium on Discount Now at BlackBerry World!

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Gif Animator Premium is the best gif creator on BlackBerry 10, which will enable you with a variety of fashion photography.

MMMOOO Gif enables you to DIY the most funny/amazing gif animated pic.Use it as avatar at BBM Profile, BBM Group, send to contact, or send in Email! (Please update your BBM to 6.0 to experience this feature!)

1. Premium UI and new layout, more friendly and really luxury;
2. Optimized and run more steady and smoothly;
3. Some little bugs fixed.

1. The best gif camera on BlackBerry®, the works are very suitable for BBM Avatar, SNS sharing;
2. Friendly "Auto" or "Manual", 2 modes for picture capture;
3. 10+ Effects; 4. 3 modes for DIY;

Funny Case Study:
1. Use MMMOOO Gif to create a funny animated gif pic such as Telekinesis, and share it with your friends on SNS;
2. Make a gif pic and make it as your BBM Avatar;
3. Make a micro video record your life and share it, for animated gif pic only take a small space and easy to send.

How to use:
1. Run MMMOOO Gif, and take a short video with it (e.g: Toss a coin);
2. Save and select a effect(this is optional);
3. Choose a DIY mode(e.g: B-A);
4. Press the tick to build and wait a few seconds;
5. Go your picture folder to see the gif, is it amazing, you could do telekinesis!! Use or Share this via BBM, Facebook... :) Use your imagination, you could create more shocking gif!! More waiting for explore...

One more thing, it's on great discount now! Check it out at BlackBerry World , do remember write down your review~:)

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Oct 24th, 2013

Wallpaper Sky Pro - Private Engraving

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Would you like to enjoy the Private Engraving style wallpaper in your BlackBerry 10?

It's just so elegant, creative and sweet to express your emotion in such way.
eg. i love my wife, i love my team, #TeamBlackBerry Fighting, BBM Rocking, I am following Kobe; or motto as, lose weight to 60kg; keep calm and carry on...
How to involve?
1. please buy and support us with Wallpaper Sky PRO in BW:
2. leave a 5 star review for us, thank you
3. then provide your prefer slogan to us, we will make it elegant and good in designing. please include your PIN in as well.
4. we will provide you an unique .bar for installation
Once we confirmed your review in BBW, we will started to deliver the .bar file for you in 2 working days.
*we may close this service in some day without notification. still we will try our best to delight you. we reserve the right of explanation

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