here are we?
The spot being pointed is where our office locates, and also, where our passion of creation comes from. If you are not familiar with this place, never mind, it is easy to form a clear conception of this position by zooming out this map first, moving it, then comparing to the very territory of your own.


hat we value?
The MMMOOO Group strives to be the global leader in the mobile value-added field, to present every single cell phone user with a colorful moblie life based on our successive innovation and consumer-focused ideas.

We prefer GREEN!

We embrace this conception from outside to inside, from mind to ACTION!
On each of our desktops, there is a green plant, and they are growing well! And the nice & fresh working place even can feed the ants well :) ; We develop series of theme ui and apps with Green conception oriented, such as the Ever Light and Black series theme, which help people save energy and cosume less battery; Recently, our office just stopped providing napkins by suggesting our staff to use handkerchiefs.

We prefer smiling as always.

Smiling ALWAYS spirit inside MMMOOOHave seen our logo already? Yes, three smiling faces, representing that the satisfaction and fulfillment of the consumers were, are, and will forever be our ultimate goal to achieve. We, also, believe that our colleagues' utmost potential of creation and innovation can be inspired under an open minded working environment.

Working in the rapid changing mobile industry, and living a high-pressure modern Shanghai business normal life, we are also SMILING to face them.

Ultra in mobility!
Fantastically MMOOOWe focus on the mobile phone industry, and we believe the mobile phone will be prior accessing point for people to go internet. So our mind flows with mobile & mobile, wireless & wireless, on hand & on pocket! There is album at Flickr of our spokesman which may reflect our mobility targeting.

Teamwork and passion.

Teamwork spirit inside MMMOOOCommunication, interaction and cooperation are what we really concerns in everyday work, we value our team and devote ourselves in it. What makes us so determined? We credit that in the very near future, mobile phone is going to be the centre of every human being's daily social and personal life. We stick in this field.

This point is just well reflected in our logo, three person together means the teamwork, and the smile signifies the passion from heart.


ffice Corner Glimpse
Here we are. The settings in display give you a general view of our authentic wokring place where innovation and novelty are taking place every day . Get a closer look at our spirits!

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