February 17th, 2009

Apps and game in 3 combos

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2 apps and 1 free game will be launched very soon from MMMOOO.

RSS reader in MyPhone is a notably useful widget that has been acclaimed by plenty users.  From this basis, MMMOOO has developed HandyRSS, more utilities, more convenient and more speedy.

A small app for mobile screen checking to locate light pixel, dead pixel, test color etc, which is very effective and also can be used as a electric torch in daily life.

Monster attack the world:
Win apps and themes by playing game. Monster attack the world is a free flash game developed by MMMOOO, compatible for any phone model that supports flash lite. In the game, playerMonsterAttackWorld controls the monster, attacking 10 cities on the earth, such as Shanghai, London... Specific control setting can be found in "Help" in the game. Players may upload their email addresses and game scores after they get the stages passed. Per week one player of the highest score can assign any one app or theme in MMMOOO shop and get it for free.

Want to get good stuff for free? Just stay tuned!

Popularity: 4% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon a samad Says:

    wow .... I will be waiting for this. Thanks


  2. Gravatar Icon fisio Says:

    rss' awesome!


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