October 22nd, 2012

Asia 10 city Hackathon #BBJamHack Shanghai

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We are so happy that we enjoy such a great #BBJamHack in Shanghai, Oct 19th-Oct 21th, and we believe BlackBerry, and trust that BlackBerry loves all developers!!

Ok, let's recall the classic moment of this top great Jam in Shanghai, China! The Hackathon rocks every developer, and sure will rock every users!

Slogan: Hack Till You Drop! Build the Next App-sensation! Select Hack! 40 hours of non-stop coding!

RIM APAC Developer Relationship Team & Marketing Team prepared many prizes for the developers who join this 40 hours Hackathon: Monster Beats Studio, Logitech Gaming Keyboard, BB10 Dev Alpha B, PlayBook, Full Free Tickets to Thailand for BlackBerry World Asia 2012... All developers say a "Wow"...when saw these!

Feature 1 of the #BBJamHack Shanghai - Broadcast Exercise, to help the developers have a break and relax, take more fresh air and renew the body! :)

Feature 2 of the #BBJamHack Shanghai - Hip hop dance show, to rocking BB10, rocking the Hackathon, rocking all developers! :) :) And you can find the video here, it is really rocking.

Feature 3 of the #BBJamHack Shanghai - Cocktail to Thanks All Developers, BlackBerry loves you and thanks for your 40 hours coding!! :) :) :)

This Hackathon we get 21 apps in total!! And you must be very happy to know who win the 1 prize! It is "Air Research Team", in 40 hours coding, they develop a game for guessing where the ball is? Interesting online game!!

RIM is very sweet, would like more users can experience the app from the #BBJamHack Shanghai, RIM Developers Manager - Mike Zhou authorize MMMOOO to deliver one app to BB fans in China!

Thanks All!!!

Popularity: 2% [?]

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