April 23rd, 2009

Happy Birthday to Zihao, our CTO

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Our CTO: Zihao Happy Birthday to Zihao, our CTO. "Zhu ni Sheng ri kuai le!" Chinse way of saying birthday regards. Zihao former is always in the background of MMMOOO in silence, with full strength to lead MMMOOO forward and further in tech, who is charging of the frame tech of system in MMMOOO.

In this special day of his birtday, our whole team have to say 'Thank You' as well, wish he renewing his great thinking and ideas in each new day. Gonna to amaze you, and you can expect :)

Below is the album of this special day, and Zihao treat us a Korean style food. :) many thanks!

Popularity: 2% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon Nihoo.m Says:

    Happy brithday, ZiHao.


  2. Gravatar Icon Jonah Says:

    Zihao, 希望你今年有可以成,这个话题我们大家都是晓得的噢
    不明指,只可意会 :)


  3. Gravatar Icon H L Says:



  4. Gravatar Icon Jonhthan Says:

    Zihao, shushu, zhu ni sheng ri kuai le! wo jue de ni fei chang shuai, you yi xie xiang KAKA, zhen de!


  5. Gravatar Icon fisio Says:

    happy zihao!


  6. Gravatar Icon owen wong Says:

    Cool zihao! Happy birthday! wish you find your love this year!


  7. Gravatar Icon Cathy Says:

    Zihao is a legend in our MMMOOO Team because of his remarkable dedication and devoting himself to the growth of the Team. We express our sincerest wish that he can find his girl soon! :)


    Gravatar Icon
    Jonah Replies:



  8. Gravatar Icon M-boy Says:

    Zihao, very happy birthday! we wish you be the wise man not only in Tech and mobile phone staff, and be wise man in life.

    All the good lucky and best wishes in 2009-2010


  9. Gravatar Icon Lily.Lu Says:

    happy B-day! ~~


  10. Gravatar Icon zihao Says:



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