April 8th, 2010

iConsole, experience new UI on your Nokia

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Launcher interface is the most famous products from us. With the success of MyPhone, M1, Win7, now we release a new one, iConsole! And it is FREE!

With iConsole, you can try the different UI on your Nokia with a easy smooth feeling. You can add or delete your favorite apps in iConsole, easy to access and use.

The features of iConsole contains weather widget, fitness widget, dialer, quick access to nokia apps, add or delete own apps and more.

If you like this application, you can download it at MMMOOO Shop for free.

Here's a video preview for you in case you want to know more about iConsole. :) If you can not see the below video, you can click here to watch it at Youtube.

Popularity: 3% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon harsh Says:

    best free app


  2. Gravatar Icon mark Says:

    after i open iconsole and turn the display landscape, i recieve a flash content error. Currently i have a nokia 5800 on firmware v40. What should i do?


  3. Gravatar Icon owen wong Says:

    Hi, mark,

    please try to close some not using apps when using iConsole. This may help. But this error is caused by the memory limitation of Flash Lite. It can not solved perfectly currently.


  4. Gravatar Icon dan Says:

    how do i download the free iconsole app :( ?


    Gravatar Icon
    Vincent Replies:

    Hi Dan, You can download from MMMOOO shop, the link: http://shop.immmooo.com/product_view.php?product_id=538#, and I also suggest you try our MyPhone 4(http://wap.immmooo.com/CMS/), That is a package include: Win 7, iXP, M1, iConsole, MyPhone.


  5. Gravatar Icon Khalid Ali Says:

    wow wow wow!
    you are very great!
    this is the most beautiful thing I ever saw


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  8. Gravatar Icon Cursos de formación Says:

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  10. Gravatar Icon Denese Says:

    syukur pak admin telah mewujudkan informasi serta berita yg bermanfaat, agar dengan rutin di updated akan membangkitkan website ini lebih
    baik lagi ransum pengunjung..


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