June 27th, 2008

Lifting Your Spirits on Fitness Exercising

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ost people fail to ever achieve their fitness goals, with one major simple reason as laziness and a short-lasting interest towards repeated sameness day after day which firstly being considered inspiring and constructive. Then comes the point, of whether you will accomplish the goals, big or small, set by yourself. Can you keep your initial spirit for a relatively long time? Or even just hold on to the very end of your present plan?
Very recently I got a first-hand beta of iFit, an smartphone software based on S60 platform, presented by our development colleague. I was attracted by its refreshing interface in the first place, clean and dynamic. In the following several days, everytime I do fitness exercises, I do it with iFit, under its whistles, staring at its animation. Magically it seems could remove indolence in the process of challenging yourself. Well, I know for sure it's no more than a flash animation, yet it guides you like someone standing beside you, and the sound plays a great part of encouraging. Positively, everyone makes a better performance under observation on any physical exercise, they make it with full strength!
iFit Product Page
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Popularity: 3% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon Zoe Says:

    What a pity! It just could used on the S60 platform. Nokiaers are so luckier that they could try this funny software.


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