April 15th, 2010

Matrix Theme for BlackBerry

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If you want the AZ theme on N900, now it comes to the BlackBerry themes.

The homescreen displays 6 customizable icons (8 for Storm/Storm2) and a large today area which shows you a clear picture of what to do. The theme is built by green and dark color, cool and clean lay out that won't make you feel tired even watching the phone for a long time.

For details of the theme, you can watch the video preview on Youtube.

And today, we have a special offer to you. The first one comment on this post will get a free copy of this theme. We will also select another lucky guy who comment from all the relies. :) If you like this theme, don't hesitate to leave your thought. You can always purchase this theme with 4.99 USD at MMMOOO Shop.

Popularity: 2% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon jitao Says:

    I hope I'll be lucky enough to be the first one to comment and get a free copy...thanks


    Gravatar Icon
    owen wong Replies:

    Congratulations! Please let me know your phone model and OS version. Thanks!


  2. Gravatar Icon rellie Says:

    Kool,now you,ll feel like you're in the matrix world.
    I love the movie too.

    Matrix fan


  3. Gravatar Icon Jonah Says:

    i wanna in as well


  4. Gravatar Icon Josh D Says:

    Just have to say, Not only do your themes look great they also run sweet 2. Fast and lag free. Thanks.


  5. Gravatar Icon owen wong Says:

    Hi, Josh,

    Congratulations! You have won a free copy of this theme. Please let me know your phone model and OS version.

    Thanks n regards,


  6. Gravatar Icon AFZAL Says:

    i must say excellent themes for blackberry 9700


  7. Gravatar Icon justin Says:

    Its great


  8. Gravatar Icon Wang Says:

    Hi, I'm in China and I like this theme very much. Here some question:
    1. Will Chinese and Japanese display normally?
    2. Is it dynamic theme?(Sorry but I can't see the preview in YouTube, you know, in China)
    Hope to know this before I buy it.
    Thank you!


  9. Gravatar Icon Amar Says:

    It looks very good. Nice one.


  10. Gravatar Icon owen wong Says:

    Thank you! :)


  11. Gravatar Icon kofi Says:

    Saw this on another phone it crazy I love it


  12. Gravatar Icon CaliBerry Says:

    I have been a BlackBerry user for 10 years. MMMOOO Solutions are consistently clean and so easy on the eyes. I have never been disappointed with anything from MMMOOO. Give 'em a try, neither will you?


  13. Gravatar Icon owen wong Says:

    Thank you for your support and love! We will keep hard working. :)


  14. Gravatar Icon mikee Says:

    Hi. I would like the theme. pin:216264CF


    Gravatar Icon
    Vincent Replies:

    Because the contest has finished, so i suggest you purchase this from our shop(shop.immmooo.com). Thanks! :)


  15. Gravatar Icon jamie cook Says:

    Not sure if this is a comment will do but hay, I'll give this a send


  16. Gravatar Icon John Amato Says:

    Always have been a great fan of the Matrix. Great job on this theme!


  17. Gravatar Icon Houcine Says:

    very good them i love it


  18. Gravatar Icon tiffany outlet Says:

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