July 23rd, 2009

MyPhone (Symbian version) input issue

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We received a lot inquire about the input issue in MyPhone. While some people said they can not search contacts, some said when try to send a message, MyPhone exits.

To many regular users of MyPhone, I think you have known when using weather widget, you have to clear the input method prompt. It's the same for other widgets which need to type words in MyPhone.

Look at the screenshot.


When try to send a message, click the input frame and type your words, after click OK, you will go back to the SMS interface. You will see a input method prompt at the input frame (the upper image), some send message directly at this time, then MyPhone exits. This is a bug of FlashLite, it appears since FlashLite 2.0 and has not been fixed yet. So you have to click other place outside the input frame and the input method will disappear (lower image). Then you can send the message.

It is the same with contact searching, app searching and weather widget. See the images below.





Popularity: 2% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon Noli Says:

    I have followed your instruction, however, the myphone app still exits. I hope Flash-bug will be fixed soon, so that others like me with the same problem, can enjoy Myphone to the fullest. Thanks and more power!


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    Summer Replies:

    Thank you! We will do our best to quickly update the version .


  2. Gravatar Icon James Says:

    Me too, after typing a name to search for in contacts it always crashes no matter where I touch the screen. So I can only send sms with Myphone if I'm replying to an existing message - I cant use contacts at all. This is very frustrating. Apart from this I love the Myphone interface, please fix this bug.

    James - N97 user


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    owen wong Replies:

    Hi, James,

    I think it's due to too many contacts in your phone. I'm so sorry that MyPhone can only handle no more than 400 contacts now.


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    James Replies:

    Hi Owen,

    I only have 305 contacts. Some contacts have more than one telephone number, but its still less than 400 numbers in total. So it's not due to the number of contacts -could anything else be causing it to crash? My N97 has firmware V 11.0.021. Thanks


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    owen wong Replies:

    Hi James,

    I'm so sorry. It seems there're still too many contacts for you. Different phones will have some difference. You can try MySMS, it can handle more than MyPhone. And you can get it for free with your reward points.



  3. Gravatar Icon geepeegee Says:

    I am having exactly the same problem. I only have about 30 - 40 names in my contacts list and it still crashes no matter where I click on the screen making the SMS app totally unusable - its a pile of poo! I think MMMM00000 should remove the app until the problem with flashlight it fixed. I


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    owen wong Replies:

    Hi, geepeegee,

    If you don't want to use the bubble style SMS, you can change it to Nokia original style in MySettings.

    We hope this problem will solved soon by Adobe and will inform you asap.


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