June 9th, 2009

MyPhone is on sale now!

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When MyPhone Infinite came out, we received a lot of support and encouragement. As a reward to our customers, there will be a discount for MyPhone and MyPhone Theme II.

MyPhone Theme II, with the earth background and more custom icons, is welcomed by many users.

Now you can purchase both MyPhone Infinite & MyPhone Theme II at our online shop with only $14.99!

Popularity: 2% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon Gary Leach Says:

    Regarding your request for upgrade ideas for MyPhone 2.03 --

    I would really like to set my own wallpaper instead of just choosing prepackage ones.

    MyPhone is a beautiful application and much enjoyed.

    Thank you for this product.

    Gary Leach / Freebirdto


    Gravatar Icon
    M Boy Replies:

    Hi Gary,
    thx for your support!
    u r our passion to go further.


  2. Gravatar Icon casasayas Says:

    i ordered and paid by paypal today, but in my history, there is no product for download
    when will be updated?
    how long i will have to wait


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    owen wong Replies:

    Hi, casasayas,

    you can go back to the product page, and there will be a download link at the right top.


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    casasayas Replies:

    i had to wait 24 hours for the order update in my profile history

    Gravatar Icon
    owen wong Replies:

    I'm sorry for that.

    I think it was due to the delay between PayPal and our site. Normally, you can see it as soon as you finish PayPal.



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