June 29th, 2009

Nokia 5800 XM V31.0.0.15 Firmware Update?

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To all MyPhone & M1 S60 os users, Nokia 5800 may soon get an newest version: V31.0.0.15 (or called V31 ). And you can keep on eye on this, so you can enjoy the newest firmware with much more: steady, speedy, and functional. We think the N97's homescreen widget ( widgetized homescreen) shall be included in in this version. You can search here for all the news.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic nowadays version is V21.0.025, we hope the the news is not a rumor :) , as we can see there is still updates need in the version 21.0.025. And you can check FOTA(Update 5800 XM via Nokia FOTA) any time for whether there is an new firmware V31.0.0.15 there.

Popularity: 5% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon Nokia 5800 Downloads Says:

    I think its a rumor only.


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    hannibal Replies:

    well as far as the v21 firmware, i would say it was pretty poor so i would not rule out a newer firmware as there are still quite a few improvements to be made on the 5800. my only concern would be is how long it will take to reach us 5800 users, hoping it wont be 3 months as the other previous firmware versions, so here's hoping.


  2. Gravatar Icon MDJ Says:

    nokia can't keep us waiting 4 much longer, there are countless things which need fixing, and they cant bring out a cheaper version with a better homescreen (5530). i think give it another month or 2.


  3. Gravatar Icon kjs Says:

    i have v31 already: new maps application; faster UI rotation; almost no crashes anymore; thunder racing is now flawless; more free RAM; better screen response; theme effects are more perfect and with no lag; better application handling; startups faster and GPS is much faster.


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    owen wong Replies:

    this version seems to be more stable. I like the new maps. :)


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    BEEDO Replies:


  4. Gravatar Icon Elliott Says:

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