July 28th, 2009

Nokia 5800XM Gets Firmware v30.0.011

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1Having been waiting for a long time, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic finally updates to the new firmware v30.0.011 today.

This update is available for some product codes now via OTA and NSU. I can only see the new firmware via OTA, the NSU still says v20.0.025 now and OVI suite says v20.0.101. I think Nokia will get this update to all product codes in the coming few days. You can check out is this available for your 5800XM here with the instruction of Nokia.

There's still no official changelog for this update now. But the biggest change we can see is that the homescreen email support. General speed and responsiveness improvements and bug fixes can also be seen. And the widgetized homescreen is not seen.

How to update:

  • FOTA
  • Nokia software update

If you cannot update to v30, you may wait for some days and try again. We recommend you backup your phone first though 5800XM has UDP (user data preservation).

Cheangelog noticed from Tube5800.com

  • Email plugin for homescreen email notification (set homescreen mode to shortcuts). You may need to hard reset the phone to make it work.
  • Noticeable speed and response improvements
  • Better music quality, onscreen touch volume control
  • Improved browser, faster surfing, fullscreen web has now transparent arrow
  • Correct icons for the call lists (mobile, fixed, etc.)
  • The portrait/ landscape switch is pretty fast now
  • More free RAM available now

Popularity: 2% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon Jonah Says:

    wow! what a great news for TUBE 5800 XM users!

    and can you get it with yr side?


  2. Gravatar Icon Solar Arrow Board Says:

    I used the Nokia 5230.....


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