October 10th, 2008

Premium OsxLeopard Dock Theme for BlackBerry

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esterday Fisio from MMMOOO BlackBerry Designs just told us about a cool new theme he created called ‘OsxLeopard Dock’. This theme is available for 88xx, 87xx, 83xx, 81xx running OS above 4.2, and even 71xx with OS4.21!
It's never too often we mention the name of Mac if you are not a bit unhappy with it. What? A mac lover? Perfect! Then it could suit you never better. The homescreen, you can hardly tell its difference from Mac Os's, with icons arranged below on the dock, and appear bouncing as you scroll the trackball giving an animated effect.

Available for $6.99 right here at MMMOOO Shop:

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Popularity: 4% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon linda Says:

    so cool!


  2. Gravatar Icon Lily.Lu Says:

    It is so much like a Mac, just like I'm using a pocket Mac in my hand all the time. By the way, the phone icon is also one iPhone, Happy happy ,I'm so happy! ^^


  3. Gravatar Icon Cathy Says:

    An absolutely beautiful theme for your BB! To be your choice!


  4. Gravatar Icon X-man Says:

    looks good!I want to try it。。。


  5. Gravatar Icon trista Says:

    great~ I like the color


  6. Gravatar Icon Raiden Says:

    A theme for a lovely tune.


  7. Gravatar Icon Yvonne Says:

    like it


  8. Gravatar Icon Jonah Says:

    hello, dave, do you think you shall provide an trail/free version out ?


  9. Gravatar Icon elvis Says:

    best simulating i have ever seen


  10. Gravatar Icon Jonasg Says:

    i downald the theme but i cant downald it on my BB !!! help !


  11. Gravatar Icon Dave Says:

    by cant download it on BB, you mean you cant download the file via OTA or something else? like you cant install it

    have you tried to transfer the the theme file from PC to BB?


  12. Gravatar Icon Alexwebmaster Says:

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    Gravatar Icon
    M-boy Replies:

    hi, how shall we proceed, and what's your site url?


  13. Gravatar Icon Araceli Sous Says:

    I've generally used BlackBerry mobile phones since I could afford one. They're just really trustworthy and also have several amazing features. However when I heard of the new BlackBerry PlayBook, I was incredibly excited. This most definately rivals the Apple iPad with considerably more features. It would operate excellent with my BlackBerry bold for work and school. I cannot wait to get one early next year.


    Gravatar Icon
    Vincent Replies:

    Yeah, I like BlackBerry PlayBook too!!! hahah...:)


  14. Gravatar Icon Terri Says:

    Wait.. Does this means it is not available for 8520? Aw maaaan!


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