Feb 11th, 2009

The most OSX alike: Animate Dock theme for your BlackBerry

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Want a full emulated Mac theme for your BlackBerry? This one is the best I have ever seen --

  • Dynamic dock that rolls like a real Mac! Check the video clip below.
  • Icons are arrangable, keep your favorite apps on dock.
  • You can easily change wallpapers and keep the upper bar and lower dock staying there.
  • there's also aqua buttons, traffic lights, ...

This theme supported these BlackBerry models running OS4.2 or higher: 8100, 8200, 8300, 8350, 8700, 8800, 8900, 9000, even 7130 with OS4.2. check these links at MMMOOO shop if interested :)

7130, 8100, 8200, 8300, 8350, 8700, 8800, 8900, 9000​​​​​

Screen features

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Feb 10th, 2009

FlashLite app - Network selection crash issue solution

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FlashLite App Network selectionAs the leading Flash lite app provider, we now serves many many users worldwide, recently we get some feedback at MyPhone or other apps which contain go to internet module occurs: allow flash content to establish network connection? - Selet access points ... in this network selection process the app crashes.

The problem happened due to the the Nokia phones' Flash lite firmware bug, and it's not related with the APP or content itself. It happens much with Nokia NAM (North American model) models, such as: N95 8gb Nam, E71 Nam, N76 Nam...

How to solve this bug?

  • Update your phone's firmware to newest version, this may solve this bug, but may also not
  • Change your language to another lauguage, this may solve this problem with very high rate
  • Update your Flash lite player to Fl 3.1 ( this is not applicable yet now :) , only for OEM models )

For more, you can refer the Nokia Forum Thread.

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Feb 10th, 2009

Caution to update to Version 20.0.012 for 5800 XM

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Nokia 5800 new version FlashLite playerThe Nokia 5800 XpressMusic just got a firmware update to version 20.0.012 . Its previous firmware was v11.0.009. The firmware is only available for some area till now, at least Asia or China area is not yet.  (Updats inserted Feb 19: feel free to update 20.0.012 with MyPhone with no worry of the d-pad)

We got this news from Cj @ Zomgitscj.com, also our users of MyPhone. So there is sth related with MyPhone. And in this firmware, it adds a Dpad for any Flash content, and hence makes MyPhone not used well. We checked this as well, and it's for any flash lite based content or app. We believe it's a mistake or not right updates of the new firmware. Though the 20.0.012 has some nice updates: screen rotation and overall operation is a bit faster; activate and use the front camera at any time, photo and video Geo-Tagging support; some icons for music and video apps.

So, we suggest 5800 XM users be caution to update to V 20.0.012, not only because the great MyPhone and other Flash lite functionality. :) Cuz, most of S60 guru value this version as un-perfect.

Updating is the trend and choice for most users, We already have solution of MyPhone and our other apps to meet fit on this firmware vesion. And we will release it soon. We believe the full screen touch is the right choice for S60 5th platform and in the future firmware.

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Feb 3rd, 2009

Win Full Version of MyPhone at MMMOOO

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Coming back from Chun Jie vacation, the first thing I am here to tell you is about giveaway.  As a sort of gifts to our beloved readers and users, we would very like to run a small contest, the winners will receive full version of MyPhone application, 10 copies in all, and whoever have read this post and left comment is to be counted in.

Inserted Feb 13: MyPhone, the iPhone Killer I High resolution Ad video:

MyPhone, the iPhone Killer II

Continue Reading »

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Feb 3rd, 2009

Nokia 5800 XM certificate error or expired certificate bug fix

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Nokia 5800 XM Expired Certificate BugMany many our MyPhone or themes have this kind problem: “ Certificate may be not valid, is expired or phone’s date settings may be incorrect ”, " Expired certificate " or " Certificate error " hinting in the .sis, sisx file installation procession. For sure, it's not our app or theme's error reason, cuz, all of our products have been tested OKAY at our onhand 5800 also at other S60 FP1, FP2 these 3rd os models. Also, many many 5800 users have same problem with other popular or famous application worldwide.

This issue happened randomly with some 5800 models, not all 5800 models have this bug, but the rate is pretty high in 5800 model. And we think it's a bug with the new s60 5th os or firmware, and it's not fixed yet till now. Now there is firmware from: V10.0.008, V10.0.010 to V11.0.008 or newer version. Each version may have this problem, but the newer version have much less rate to have this kind bug, and proto device may have very high rate in this.

How to solve or fix this bug:

  • make sure to have a SIM card in the phone
  • backup any important data you might have (e.g. send you contacts to http://www.ovi.com)
  • make sure to have a valid SIM cart in the phone and good network coverage
  • restore phone's factory settings ( dial *#7370# pin shall be 12345 )
  • when the phone reboots you will be prompted for location, date and time - insert correct values! Taiwan users, may select the Hongkong location to make this bug fixed.

These steps is not for sure step by step, you can try some of these steps according to your condition.  Continue Reading »

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Feb 2nd, 2009

EverLight Comes with Nokia 5800 XM Edition

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EverLight 5800 XM EditionJust last week, our dear customer inquired why there is no EverLight for Nokia 5800 XM? As commitment to our customer service principle and our passion force original from our customer, here goes the 5800 edition! Pretty useful and nice feeling at 5800 such big screen.

More about EverLight, come with the Green Eco Saving conception: All in one, save energy! The most advanced mobile phone torch ever! One click to make your phone into a electric torch, Useful functions for your unlimited use!


  • Ever lasting lighting & keep activated all the time!
  • Mirror function for your need a look at yourself.
  • Flashing function for SOS need.
  • Soft Yellow light care your eyes.
  • Colorful lights for optional & fun.

Btw, the EverLight has normal version compatiable with other S60 models as well.

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Feb 1st, 2009

2nd MMMOOO labeled car: BMW 320I

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To make MMMOOO=Move conception & pronunciation more clear and impressive; also show our danymic in Enrich your mobility with passion and hobbies. We invite you to view our 2nd MMMOOO labeled car: BMW 320I make up album:

Get macromedia Flash Player

How is it? If you have interests to label MMMOOO logo at your car, kindly Email us: cs(at)mmmooo.com, we will send you the logo with digital file. If you are in China, we can express our logo label to you free.

More: 1st MMMOOO labeled car, MMMOOO RC car, MMMOOO RC helicopter

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Jan 24th, 2009

Happy Chūn Jié regards from MMMOOO

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MMMOOO Team at Chun Jie HolidayWe here at MMMOOO would like to wish our users a Very Happy Chūn Jié! What's Chūn Jié? It's a good question. As we hardly ever post Chinese words here, you may not realize that we live and work in Shanghai, China. Get to know us more at About MMMOOO. Basically, it's Lunar New Year, Spring Festival, Chinese New Year. Any of the three terms can be used to interpret Chūn Jié. And if you are quite eager to know the detail of the custom here, Wiki would be a much better instructor.

And this year of lunar Chinese new year date is 2009-Jan-26, below is a MMMOOOer's mobile calendar display, isnt it some mobility sense or style ;) . According to our national tradition, we will have a 7 days holiday from Jan-25, so our MMMOOO office is on holiday, and some of our MMMOOO members will on shift working to serve you with: Enrich your mobility! slogan. We also kindly invite you to understand if we reply some larter on customer emails, know bar thread and blog.

Jan.26 being Chinese New Year in 2009

Looking forward to the coming Chinese new year, the 5800 XM is launching globally, and then there's the N97 in a couple of months, we're headed to develop more great apps like MyPhone for all S60 OS phones; we will still keep us as the leading theme ui provider worldwide for Symbian, Blackberry, SE, WM and other phone OS; We will also go forward  to plan providing product & service of  iPhone, Android.

All the best,


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