Oct 15th, 2009

Blackberry Storm2 9550 unveiled officially

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Blackberry Storm II

We just saw the updates on Blackberry official site, the Blackberry Storm2 9550 is in the Storm page now. What an excited moment! We will see the Storm2 soon.

Blackberry storm2

We're not suprised to see the Wi-Fi support and 2 GB embedded multimedia card as we guessed before. MMMOOO will update all our Blackberry apps and theme supported to Storm2 at the first time.

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Oct 14th, 2009

Puzzle World listed on BB App World

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Puzzle World listed at BB App WorldThe 1st MMMOOO game & just another MMMOOO product at Blackberry App World, a game targeting graphic reasoning, language reasoning, mathematics and imagination.

When it's listed at the RIM official store, it means passed official QA, nice quality! So you can trust it & set a rest heart. :) You can explore all our apps and games at BB App World.

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Oct 12th, 2009

BlackBerry Storm II 9550 first look

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blackberry storm II

The Blackberry Storm II 9550 is very close to us now. It's said that it will first released by Verizon in late this month.

The first Blackberry touch device is not so good compared to iPhone or Nokia. The screen, the control, the speed, none of this is satisfied. When I was attending the P&T Comm 2009, lots of visitors asked me if the screen of Storm was broken. How is Storm II? Can it beat iPhone 3GS and Nokia X6/N97? We will know it soon.

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Oct 1st, 2009

We celebrate China 60 years birthday, our National Day.

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Hi, to all MMMOOO users and visitors, you know are located in Shanghai, China. So we will celebrate our China 60 years birthday, the National Day, Oct 1st. And we will have our national holiday since Oct, 1st to 8th 8 days, including our Chinese Middle Autumn Day.

We will still on board to serve you if you have questions, just leave a reply here or at our KnowBar, or Email: cs(at)mmmooo.com. Plz be so kind to understand we will reply you a little bit later, but we promise a longest 2 working day your questions will be replied. ;) :) ;)

Here is the new modern China master views in a concise scenes:

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Sep 30th, 2009

Get 'ONLY MMMOOO have' World Class Animated Theme FREE at Ovi

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For all S60 theme fans, we are so proud to show you the 'ONLY MMMOOO have' UNIQUE Animated Theme at Nokia Ovi, and it's free! Here is the product at Ovi Store:

Enjoy & explore the ANIMATED screen on your phone with dedicated designing, creative tech inbuilt & surprising FREE! We provide this theme according to many many fans' feedback. Plz be kind to visit our other rocking animated theme :) .


  • The vivid animation will change it's color in every 10 minutes.
  • It has UNIQUE high animated tech inside from MMMOOO, the No.1 theme provider worldwide.
  • Use SVG elements, a theme wont drag the operation speed.
  • The Theme is compatible well with All S60 models with 3rd, 5th platform

Also you can see the numerous nice comments as:

by: coress - 10 hours ago

by: nayeem45 - 8 hours ago
yes finally We got a theme from OVI store...plz upload more like this....


by: yash7654321 - 8 hours ago
pretty cool colour fades gud. Must have...

We welcome your explore all our premium MMMOOO Apps & Themes at Ovi Store.

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Sep 29th, 2009

How to upgrade your BlackBerry OS

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Last night, I was ready to upgrade my Tour to the v4.7.1 Asia version. When I wipe (a tool to format your BlackBerry) my phone and started to update, the DM told me that there's no software required for your device. Oh! Terrible! My phone has already been formatted and showing 507 error. How could this be! Now I have to rescue my Tour.

Finally, I found a way to solve the problem.

1. Install OS and DM properly.
2. Delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\vendor.xml (if you want to install another provider's OS)
3. Unplug your phone's battery. (For normal upgrade, you need not to do this.)
4. Connect your phone to PC.
5. Format your phone with wipe (you can download it here.)
6. Open your DM and choose App loader> Update Software.
7. If you're lucky enough, the phone will start upgrade, you may insert the battery during the process if the upgrade cannot continue.
8. Congratulation! You have updated to the OS you want!

    You can find the latest OS from BlackBerry official site.  Remember that you should backup your data first and it has risk to upgrade your phone with different provider's OS.

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    Sep 28th, 2009

    How to pour half of the wine into another glass

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    That's the 7th puzzle in Puzzle World. I think this will be the first obstacle on your way. The question is that, three glass, one is filled with 8 liters of wine, others are 5 & 3 liters empty glasses, how to let the 8 & 5 liter-glass both has 4 liters wines. Though I think everyone could solve this puzzle in the end, how many steps do you need?

    Here we show you the least steps. Have fun!

    Puzzle world puzzle7

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    Sep 27th, 2009

    Nokia N900 on RDA

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    N900The Nokia N900 is on Nokia Remote Device Access now. It's undoubtedly the hottest phone on Nokia. Available in 122 hours 6 minutes... lol

    I have never seen this before, even when the N97 released.

    MMMOOO is developing on Maemo now. Please keep following our blog to first know our product on N900.

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