Aug 17th, 2012

Super App - Mega Emoji Updated To Version 1.7

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Mega Emoji is a cute and funny tool enhance your social chatting more funny and impressive. Try to paste them on facebook wall. :)

1. Font tab: the special characters you may not found easily in keyboard, we collect it for you.
2. Charts tab: industry universal Emoji Font Type. the emoji content can be displayed very well in other platforms devices.
3. Gif tab: all original cute gif animations, you can send it to your friend, share via BBM or set at BBM avatar.
4. Convert tab: Type normal fonts, our app will help you to convert them to wonderful special symbols.
5. Collect tab: find a favorite emoji, or frequent used emoji, you can collect it here.
6. Cloud tab: share your emoji on cloud, or download the most hot/new emojis as you wish. Tons of popular emojis are here.
7. BBM tab: the special smileys you may not found in BBM, we collect it for you.
8. Flags: 100+ flags can be displayed on BBM.

1. Some unique & cool character may displayed as small square or block here, but it displays well on BBM, so it's a normal issue.
2. Some animation may display as broken or stillness due to .gif format limits in BlackBerry® App UI. Actually it's all fine in BBM™ avatar or attachment.

With Mega Emojis, you can send BBM™ smileys, flags, universal text emoji, Gif avatars and save own collections, paste them on the facebook wall. Surly to make your chatting vivid :)

How to use?
1. Press the menu key, and select "Insert Mega Emoji"
2. Click each tab to experience the features.
3. Go to media folder to find MegaSmileysGif folder, use BlackBerry® menu to send pictures.

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Aug 10th, 2012

Introducing Premium 3D Homescreen on BlackBerry

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The most luxury Quick Launcher/Screensave on BlackBerry is here! Really 3D and stunning!

3D Home Screen is the featured app from MMMOOO, it helps you to access your frequent system apps conveniently. All UI are base on 3D, run very smooth, elegant and cool!

With 3D Home Screen, you will find your phone is also premium and cool and the envy of others! :)

Now just 1.99USD, you can own it! Hurry up! download it from BlackBerry App World and waiting for your review!

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Aug 3rd, 2012

BlackBerry Themes - 3D Smileys Ball At App World

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★★Put on a smile and everything is going to be fine! :)

3D Smiley Ball is an encouraging theme from MMMOOO which reminds us keeping smiling everyday! Nothing can stop us!

1. Creative and Attractive, A smiley ball in a sets of sad ball to remind us keeping smile;
2. You can find delicate and premium items in each bar, transparent pop-up menu;
3. A theme can be used day after day to encourage you.

1. For OS7 theme studio is still not released, so there will be no perfect customized home screen layout and SVG effects. if you have questions or need tech support please contact us before posting a negative review, we will try our best to assist!

Now it is in promotion for free, you just need to download it from BlackBerry App World and add a review!

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Jul 27th, 2012

BlackBerry Apps For Olympic - Mega Flags Plus

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★★Free download your Olympic games!!
★★Very Important Tips:
1. For some countries are not list in the flags matrix, please do not worry, just email us, we will update very soon. Please contact us before posting a negative review, we will try our best to assist! :)
2. Some animations may display as broken or stillness due to .gif format limits in BB App UI. Actually it's all fine in BBM avatar or mail attachment.

Love Sports? Love Sports Games? Want to support the country you like? Ok, you must download Mega Flags!

Unique Free version for The 2012 Games.
Save and set this .jpg image as wallpaper and swing your phone, support the country you like!
And you can share these .gif flags on your SNS, set as animated avatar, send it to your friend, which must be cool!

Now in promotion for free, you just need to download it from BlackBerry App World and add a review!

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Jul 20th, 2012

Private Album To Protect Your Private Pictures

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A perfect tool to lock your media pictures!

This application help you to create a private album to lock your private picture, you can save any pictures you want in this private album and no one can access without password!


  • High security;
  • Really useful and clean UI.
  • Friendly to be used, and will not slow down your system performance!

If you delete the application, you will lose all locked pictures, so please be careful. If you need to delete this app, please unlock all pictures at first. In case you delete the app, please email us to ask for assistant!!

Now in promotion for free, you just need to download it from BlackBerry App World and add a review!

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Jul 13th, 2012

Animated Great Britain Flag Theme For The Olympic Games

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Finally we did an animation theme for OS7 as well! ★★★FREE in limited time, plz hurry!

Download and install the theme, enjoy the Olympic Games. And set the theme in your phone, support the country you love!

★★Tips: If you need the other country's flags, please write your review to tell us, maybe we will make one meet your require asap. :)


  • Animation theme on OS7, the leading tech in theme creation;
  • Unique and customized for Olympic Games.
  • Waving flag is based on 3D, that's really cool.

Now in promotion for free, you just need to download it from BlackBerry App World and add a review!

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Jul 6th, 2012

Introducing BlackBerry App - Fingerprint Unlock At App World

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Fingerprint unlock is the best unlocking software on BlackBerry. Press your finger in the button of your phone screen, then the phone will receive your fingerprint information and unlock automatically.
***IMPORTANT: Before activating the lock, please read the "How to use" below at first!


  • Support the custom settings text in the lockout interface; for instance, the text which is written as “Love my honey” in the interface will show when the screen is activated.
  • The cool UI design and all the modules are full of sense of modernity and tech.

Fingerprint unlock is a kind of software imitating the unlock effect by judging the time span which the finger lingers in the screen and the way the finger leaves the screen, please notice, so it is not really scan your fingerprint!

How to use:
1. Enter Fingerprint Unlock and then set the unlock condition. (Such as: 3 Beeps and then Slide Up)
2. IMPORTANT please remember the unlock condition you set.
3. Activate the lock screen, then use the condition you set in last step to unlock. (Press on the screen and wait for 3 beeps then slide up)

If you forget your password, please email us, and we will help you.

Now in promotion for free, you just need to download it from BlackBerry App World and add a review!

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Jul 4th, 2012

Welcome BlackBerry Developer Relations Team To MMMOOO Workshop

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Last week, the BlackBerry® Developer Relations team was at GSMA’s Mobile Asia Expo 2012 and invited MMMOOO's workshop at Shanghai!

And our dear friend Sarim Aziz -The Head of Developer Relations Asia Pacific at Research In Motion shared their experience at MMMOOO Innovation Workshop!

The BlackBerry team rewind MMMOOO's achievement in BlackBerry® DevCon Asia last year. And We won Top Achiever inBlackBerry App World™.

Sarim Aziz share their experience in the BlackBerry Dev Blog as well:

As you walk in, the slogan “Enrich Your Mobility” greets you into the world of MMMOOO. The 500 square-metre space took the concept of open office to a new level with long rectangular tables of designers and developers facing each other. You could easily tell one from the other based on the tools and IDEs open on their screens. Several smiling heads turned and greeted the visitors, but the level of concentration within the one-room office space quickly became apparent as the team of thirty or so developers immediately immersed themselves back into their work.

A small ping-pong table in the middle of the room, although abandoned at the moment, showed signs of heavy use. On the left, a modest lounging area, with several photo frames on the wall of various MMMOOO milestones (including BlackBerry DevCon Asia and the recent CHINICT hackathon). As they also sponsorD-Starine, a charity that serves Tibet and Qinghai province, he had every reason to be proud of showcasing their invaluable social contribution. Knowing Jonah and his team, they might even whip up an app to encourage the same.

Jonah - The CEO of MMMOOO introduced us to the rest of his team. They had folks dedicated on BlackBerry® WebWorks™ and HTML5 as well Native and Qt. They told us that they were glad we were supporting the Qt community, and were particularly excited about Cascades™ for its charming UI. There was no shortage of mobile devices on their desks, but the BlackBerry® 10 Dev Alpha was the only rarity, which they were fortunate enough to get at BlackBerry 10 Jam.

The conversation became more casual, and the RIM team went on to share some of their favourite MMMOOO apps ever built (my personal favorite is their BBM GIF Avatar creator), and we got a glimpse of some of the exciting new stuff that they were working on for BlackBerry 10 that I can’t share here yet.

Time flies when you’re with other developers. We had to start heading back, but of course there’s always time for a group picture. It’s quite fitting but paradoxical that the team deployed itself and posed in front of their Wall of Fame. Perhaps this very photograph might end up on that wall as well.

We looking forward to meeting the professional BlackBerry® Developer Relations Team next time!! :)

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