Feb 27th, 2009

Be prepared before buying a new phone!

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9_150200To buy a new phone, or all the interests and passion to own a new phone is some thing like investment, and you shall make sure the phone is good enough in condition, so you will not return it to the shop in days, which will make you pretty wasting of time and lost patience. A well equipped phone will be a helpful pal to enrich your mobility life for pretty long time.

For this purpose, we release out a very easy & wise tool ScreenCheck, which helps you make sure your phone's screen works okay with these benchmark: black point, white point, contrast, sharpness, saturation, viewing angle... and vibration. As for how to choose a phone according your needs, we may do this in another post. 

memu43Refreshing rate

See how it works for you: You can carry the installer file at your TF card or notebook, then you can transfer the file to your new phone. Or, when you paid this product already, you can log in our wap.immmooo.com to get the file via OTA instantly.

Also, checking your phone works fine before you going a long distance journey, it can always help you somehow in advance, this is for when you already have a phone for some time.  

And, you can get this smart & lite tool at our MMMOOO Shop with 4.99 USD.

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Feb 25th, 2009

Hello from MMMOOO new editor, Owen

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Ni hao (Chinese way of saying HELLO), I'm the new editor of MMMOOO blog, my name is Owen. I joint MMMOOO few days ago and will take charge of updating this blog and know bar these sections. I will also use MMMOOO typical O gravatar.

It's so Certain that I like phones very much. This is my passion that i join MMMOOO, and agree the vision: Mobile phone will be the priority access point for people go the internet.

In leisure time, I like photograghing. Here's my flickr. And this is one of my photos taken at Shanghai! 上海弄堂

I hope you will like my photos. If you want to communicate with me about the phones, photos or any other things, you can leave messages to me or email to me.

At the same time, we want to introduce the MMMOOO blog editor team:
I, will be the chief editor :) ;
Jonah, MyPhone marketing director and guru in phones;
Fisio, guru in blog & blackberry;
Dave, our editor, but he will not update much in this, cuz of position shifting;
M-boy, our editors share this id to serve for most urgent questions.

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Feb 24th, 2009

MMMOOO Original: Decompose Nokia E71

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A quick & easy guide for you to discovery or explore the nowaday's very best Nokia E71 inside, you may also tired of unboxing of the E71 with grey or white edition. Now go ahead to the inside or each parts of the phone!

Get macromedia Flash Player

You can also view these photos with words guide at our Flickr album.

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Feb 19th, 2009

Time to Claim Your Prize

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You Won MyPhoneSomebody out there may have been waiting for this post since 12 hours before, so here let me address,  MyPhone contest ended and the winners are finally picked out to be, and you can click each name to see what they commented when joined this contest, and you gonna keep smiling or laughing :)

Andrew, aimdeey,

C.G.Fattal, Flavio,

soumik, brugu_baba,

Darshan, Steven Nguyen,

DRAGOS, Gugma Pabon,

We appreciate all of the participants of this contest, and it's really hard for us to choose the only 10, and we get many many nice feedback from this contest as well. The selection is sth so called " lucky-randomly-fun ", and it's as a gift for the people who join this. Hope you all can understand this, and support us all the ways even if you give out your honest or best suggestion still have not been selected.

How to receive your prize:

  • You are supposed to claim your prize by leaving a comment in this post.
  • In the comment, you should include your IMEI info. which we will input into our database within 24 hours.
  • Trial version turns into full version once you activate it with confirming IMEI in the app.
  • Winners are requested to claim the prizes within 3 days,  or else the prizes are transferred to the next best entry.

At the same time, I'm sending email to each of you and replying to your comment in the contest post about the news in case that you may miss reading this post.

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Feb 19th, 2009

MMMOOO & Ferrari

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Is it strange to relate MMMOOO & Ferrari? Not at all! Let us show you below photos firstly: (can also be visited in full full size at Flickr)

MMMOOO RC stands with F360 Modena

Ferrari F360 Modena in rainy evening in Shanghai

MMMOOO RC on the core of engine window:

These photos were taken yesterday evening by Nokia 5800, and it runs MyPhone, which speeds me starting the camera and seizing the moment.

MMMOOO=Move with mission of Enrich your mobility in mobile phone/smartphone industry, we embrace the vision: mobile phone will be the prior accessing point for people go to internet rather than PC.
Farrai, the name of shifing, driving & speed, and it stands for the ultimate mobility in car. Continue Reading »

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Feb 18th, 2009

5800: Update to Firmware 20.0.012 with MyPhone

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Just last week, we released a post about: Caution to update to Version 20.0.012 for 5800 XM. However, this time, we have to turn back the words with our active & professional exploring in this issue: how to hide the dpad in the Nokia 5800 firmware V20 when running Flash lite app. And we suggest to all Nokia 5800 XM users: update to firmware version 20.0.012 with MyPhone, and you can run MyPhone with full screen, and without the annoying d-pad.

And from our MMMOOO, all flashlite applications can run smoothly full screen at 5800 V20 firmware. So you can trust MMMOOO, we are keep exploring to serve you with mission: Enrich your mobility!

MyPhone 5800 or N97 users now can update the 5800 installer file at our online shop - id center - my product FREE.


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Feb 17th, 2009

Apps and game in 3 combos

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2 apps and 1 free game will be launched very soon from MMMOOO.

RSS reader in MyPhone is a notably useful widget that has been acclaimed by plenty users.  From this basis, MMMOOO has developed HandyRSS, more utilities, more convenient and more speedy.

A small app for mobile screen checking to locate light pixel, dead pixel, test color etc, which is very effective and also can be used as a electric torch in daily life.

Monster attack the world:
Win apps and themes by playing game. Monster attack the world is a free flash game developed by MMMOOO, compatible for any phone model that supports flash lite. In the game, playerMonsterAttackWorld controls the monster, attacking 10 cities on the earth, such as Shanghai, London... Specific control setting can be found in "Help" in the game. Players may upload their email addresses and game scores after they get the stages passed. Per week one player of the highest score can assign any one app or theme in MMMOOO shop and get it for free.

Want to get good stuff for free? Just stay tuned!

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Feb 17th, 2009

Animate Dock now available for BlackBerry 8900!

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We just released 8900 Curve and 8350i model of the well-reputed animated theme: Animate Dock. The new OS 4.6.1 brought us many new customizations in theme UI, BlackBerry rocks! For more info, check this post.

Now this theme supports all BlackBerry phones (OS4.2 or higher) except Storm, and Storm version is coming very soon. Pick it up from our shop if interested:

7130, 8100, 8200, 8300, 8350, 8700, 8800, 8900, 9000​​​​​

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