Jan 20th, 2010

The first commercial Nokia N900 theme: AZ Theme now on sale

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AZ Theme on N900 MMMOOO Shop just as promised, today launched the 1st online download Maemo 5.0 theme for N900 for your instant buy or shop.

The theme is called AZ, means from A to Z, styled from the very famous movie called Matrix, and it's a theme tested on 2 real N900 phones with two different os version, and proved to be excellent, just as all MMMOOO Premium Themes. The theme mainly cover two issues, the cool and nice background, wallpaper and menu buttons, colors and highlights, in harmony well, not as free themes which have bugs as not good contrasting in text, font, highlights... We just not include our cool S60 theme's icons set in this AZ Theme, mainly considering your fast familiar with your new N900 :) , and you wont spend long time in this. Later, we will migrate some very classical Nokia icons in new themes. The price is USD 3.99.

Here is the screenshots for your preview:

Here is our tested method to install themes on N900 smoothly:

  • download the .deb on your pc and transfer it N900's root folder
  • in the X Terminal run: sudo gainroot
  • then run: dpkg -i MyDocs/***.deb
  • go to Settings-Themes choose the installed theme

Caution: the commands is capital sensitive in Maemo os, so plz not type MyDocs into mydocs as so on. In most time for N900, when changing a theme to another theme, the UI and system layout will be not totally be replaced, so a reboot is needed for your enjoy of the all new just installed theme.

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Jan 19th, 2010

President Frame Theme for BlackBerry

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President Frame theme is designed to cover two points:

1. Easy & nice to use in normally operation.
2. Fit well and perfectly for your own photo as wallpaper, the classic frame make the photo in really nice view.

This theme is available as free at BlackBerry App World now.

You can have a video preview at Youtube about this theme first.

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Jan 19th, 2010

Official OS 5.0 for Storm 9530 released by MTS Mobility

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Besides Tour, Storm 9530 also gets a new official OS 5.0 from MTS Mobility today! MMMOOO themes and apps are now fully support OS 5.0 on Storm. Don't forget to check out our nice products at MMMOOO Shop.

Download Details

Software Name:     BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.674 (Multilanguage)
File Name:     9530AMEA_PBr5.0.0_rel674_PL4.2.0.179_A5.0.0.419_Bell_Mobility_Inc.exe
Download Size:     111.613 MB
Language:     English
Published Date:     01/18/2010

Download OS for BlackBerry Storm 9530.

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Jan 19th, 2010

Official OS 5.0 for Tour released by MTS Mobility

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Here's a new OS 5.0 for BlackBerry users. With the release for Curve 8900 and Bold, the OS 5.0 now also comes to Tour users. The previous leaked OS for Tour is so bad that the phone often reboots and hard to use. The new official OS is said to be nearly perfect. Really rocks! Here's the detail of this release.

Download Details

Software Name:  BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.674 (Multilanguage)
File Name: 9630AMEA_PBr5.0.0_rel674_PL4.2.0.179_A5.0.0.419_MTS_Mobility.exe
Download Size: 100.962 MB
Language: English
Published Date: 01/18/2010

Download OS for BlackBerry Tour 9630 here.

Attention: Installing new OS can be really painful if you don’t know what you are doing!!! Please be sure you know how to upgrade your phone OS!

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Jan 15th, 2010

Quad Time for Nokia

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If you're a business man or usually travels a lot, then you may have troubles with the different time zones. Quad time is a homescreen widget for Nokia S60 5th phones which gives you four different time zone displaying in the home page. You can easily set your regular time zone like your office time, your home time and customers' time according to the GMT time zone.

Quad Time is only $3.99 USD at MMMOOO Shop, compatible with all S60 5th phones. (Note: Only N97 & N97 mini has the homescreen widget effect.)

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Jan 14th, 2010

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic firmware updates to v40, Bringing Kinetic Scrolling Finally

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Here's the big news to all 5800XM users. Our 5800XM finally gets the new firmware v40 and the kinetic scrolling feature we have been waiting for a long time! After update, the homescreen changes to the style of 5530's which has contacts bar.

This firmware is not come to all the regions yet. If your phone cannot update now, don't be worry and it will come to your phone soon.

Don't forget to enjoy MMMOOO products like MyPhone, M1 and other nice themes after upgrade. :) If you meet any trouble with our products, kindly contact our cs team. :)

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Jan 13th, 2010

Color City Theme Annouced for Maemo5

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As Nokia Ovi Store adds N900 support today, MMMOOO is also going to release our first premium theme for Nokia N900. This theme is almost finished now and will soon get available at Nokia Ovi Store with 1.99 Euro.

The features of Color City are,

  • Nice designed by MMMOOO Art Team.
  • Custom icon set included.
  • Fully compatible with Nokia N900.

(Click the image to view full size screenshot)

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Jan 13th, 2010

Ovi Store Launches for N900 Today

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Nokia N900 today gets a firmware update to 1.2009.44.1.

Here's a changelog from fonearena.com

  • Performance Fixes
  • New icons in Application Manager
  • Application Manager remembers the position prior to app installation( it used to go to the top on refresh before)
  • Red Pill mode does not work.
  • OVI Catalogue has been added to list of repositories
  • FM Transmitter Fixes

After Upgrade, the Ovi Store is now opened to N900 users, but still beta version. You can learn from the below screenshot. There're only few free themes, apps and games available for download there now. Most are free, so can download it easily. As a premium provider on  Ovi, users will soon catch us on Ovi Store. :)

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