May 7th, 2009

Nokia N96 Gets a New Firmware v20.050

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N96 Firmware

I just get information from that Nokia N96 has just updated to Firmware v20.050. This upgrade improved music and imaging quality as well as the new Nokia messaging client. The firmware can be updated over the air or via Nokia Software Updater.

The biggest 'new' feature in the update is the improved email set up and handling. The updated firmware includes Nokia's new Email wizard, which aims to make it easier to set up email on the phone. 

We also test MyPhone with the new firmware on Nokia RDA, and it runs perfectly! 

Here's the full log of this update: Continue Reading »

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May 4th, 2009

Here Comes the Result of the Contest!

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After a short break for Labor Day, I come back with the list of the winners of our contest. Till April 30th, 2009, we got 16 participants in all. For those who reply after April 30th, so sorry, though your comments are very excellent, we have to keep the rule. You should get involved in time next time. :)

As you can see in the picture, we give everyone a random number and sort them from 1 to 0. So the first five(matty, Hatta, Viorel, adel, Ace) can win MyPhone v2.10 and the next five(Stephen, emre, Gianluca, GeGo, Kishan) can win MyPhone Theme! Congratulations! The winners should claim your prizes with a simple reply in this post like 'Hi, I'm Owen. My phone is 5800 XM and IMEI number is' or other words like this in three days. Who win MyPhone Theme do not need to tell me your IMEI number.

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May 3rd, 2009

May Day Offer: For All The Working People & Support Request in May 1-3

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Chinese style Labour Day PosterHello to all the MMMOOO users and visitors, maybe you are just enjoying the last hours of the May Day Holiday ( Wrote at Beijing Time: 3 May, 21:16). MMMOOO team want to do sth to value and encourage every working people who make the world better through our diligent, wisdom and passion, and passion to perform.

Our MMMOOO team just have a national 3 days off as well to rest, so that we can serve you with strength & inspiration :) , And there is dozens of support request, order issue, inquiries are in queue. We kindly invite you can understand and take time, we will get all the emails, know bar thread & blog replies replied in the upcoming working day ASAP.

So, MMMOOO want to make the whole May month a special phase, that we offer:

  • Four MMMOOO Art Designing themes as free, the first released theme is: Lamour 2009 in W19 for Symbian and Blackberry os.
  • poster

  • 1/5 discount to enjoy MMMOOO rocketing app: MyPhone, this means 10.39 USD (normal price 12.99); you can only write payment to cs(at) via Payment directly, then leave message below, so we can send you the file and registration code. (normal shopping cart is still the normal price)
  • For all the customers who gave us emails and inquries on May 1st - 3rd or order our product at this phase, we'd like to bonus you: Keep Walking for Symbian users, and Aquarium Custom for BB users.

In the end, who like to enjoy this, plz be so kind to leave a reply in this post as "i like this; i want one; my phone is N95, plz; ...", be sure to use the email address same your email in our system, if you want to enjoy the 3rd bonus point. So we can sort and give the presents to you easily and timely.

For Symbian S60 users, we are now offering direct download links here:

For BlackBerry and Symbian S40 users, cos there are too much files, so you can leave a reply here with your phone type and we will send you the file. All the files are only for your own usage, and any kind of share or republishing is unpermit.

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Apr 30th, 2009

Upgraded: iBlackBerry theme for Storm 9500/9530

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Last time upgrade to this premier product evolved it with "Today Plus" feature and BlackBerry Storm 9500/9530 supported, and some days ago we updated it again, with perfect rotating and stretching screen elements:

iBlackBerry theme from MMMOOO Continue Reading »

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Apr 27th, 2009

A Milestone on BlackBerry

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Some of you may have found in our online shop that there is an application for BlackBerry now! 

For several years, we specialize  in Symbian OS theme and app development and have become one of the leading teams worldwide. On BlackBerry platform, we used to offer themes only and our featured products iBlackBerry and Animate Dock Theme are welcomed by many people.

iFit is one of our featured apps on Symbian platform. Now it also comes for BlackBerry! iFit is available for ALL BlackBerry models including the newest Storm 9530 (except 71xx series). 


That is one small step for our customers, one giant leap for MMMOOO team. This means we are formally starting application development on BlackBerry. You will also see MyPhoneDr.Tie and other our Symbian apps for BlackBerry in the near future. 

You are always our passion to move further and grow up! And we will continue to provide better services for you!

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Apr 26th, 2009

Quick share: MMMOOO Baseball 2009

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A quick share of the photos of the MMMOOO Baseball 2009. MMMOOO raise and sponsor the Spring match between MMMOOO Friend Team and SHANGHAI UNIVERSITY of SPORT school team in 2009 April 26.

Just like baseball's swing, flying, passing... all the Move things. All the MMMOOO things. MMMOOO is a danymic company caring community and mobile visionary area. MMMOOO will sponsor series baseball games in Shanghai universities this Spring and Summer season, aslo football games.

You can see each photo's story or description in our flickr album. We will keep you updating more detail photos in this week. Also, you can see our MMMOOO Baseball 2008.

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Apr 26th, 2009

Win Free Licenses of MyPhone v2.10

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Hey, there! I want to tell you a big news today! We deceide to run a contest, and there will be 5 winners who will get a free license of MyPhone v2.10 and another 5 winners who will get MyPhone Theme as rewards to our customers and fans.  

MyPhone v2.10: The new journey

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Apr 23rd, 2009

Happy Birthday to Zihao, our CTO

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Our CTO: Zihao Happy Birthday to Zihao, our CTO. "Zhu ni Sheng ri kuai le!" Chinse way of saying birthday regards. Zihao former is always in the background of MMMOOO in silence, with full strength to lead MMMOOO forward and further in tech, who is charging of the frame tech of system in MMMOOO.

In this special day of his birtday, our whole team have to say 'Thank You' as well, wish he renewing his great thinking and ideas in each new day. Gonna to amaze you, and you can expect :)

Below is the album of this special day, and Zihao treat us a Korean style food. :) many thanks!

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