Apr 8th, 2008

A glance at the Nokia Flagship store in Shanghai

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NokiaIt's such a nice spring after noon, and as for me, it's almost more than 3 months to the very downtown as Nanjing road in Shanghai - the No.1 famous commercial street in China, and i was so glad to witness the Nokia flagship store, you know i am a super Nokia fan, and also fascinate with his related items, cuz we have so close cooperation with Nokia & S60. And it's not a planned thing, and not a job thing to touch with Nokia. If you happend to Shanghai, or want to have a look at Nokia stores, you can refer this article or leave us a message, we will be glad to give you a guide.

Nokia altogether establish seven flagships worldwide. and this East Nanjin Road flagship store is the latest and also the largest one till now.And it's the ONLY one single-roof among all. It is seventh of 18 planned Flagship Stores which labled the slogan of: allowing customers to try-out the latest Nokia devices as well as "experience the beauty and distinction of the Nokia brand." Continue Reading »

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Apr 2nd, 2008

How To: HDR Imaging With Nseries Camera Phones

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Photos-0High Dynamic Range imaging, better known as HDR, is a great way to make your digital photos look awesome. HDR imaging uses multiple pictures with different exposure settings and combines them with Tone Mapping to make awesome pictures. Follow this How To to create your own HDR image with your Nseries phones.

Normally when you take pictures of subjects lots of light contrasted with lots of darkness, your camera will try to balance everything and you end up with an average picture. With HDR imaging, everything in your picture jumps out with vivid color. Check out the HDR wikipedia entry for more info.

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Apr 1st, 2008


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首席执行官(Chief Executive Officer,缩写CEO)是在一个企业中负责日常事务的最高行政官员,又称作行政总裁、总经理或最高执行长。董事长的英文是Chairman(准确的说是Chairman of the Board),总裁是President,首席执行官是Chief Executive Officer,这是众人皆知的。但媒体并没有意识到这三个称谓的微妙差异,经常把 President译成董事长或首席执行官,CEO有时候又被译成总裁,情况十分混乱。Chairman这个职务可能是现代公司管理层最早确定的职务之一,因为它是股东利益的最高代表,理论上讲是公司管理层所有权力的来源。

President和CEO都由Chairman任命,董事会只能由Chairman召集,非例行的股东大会一般也只能由Chairman召集(或者由股东联名呼吁召集,这要看公司章程)。既然President和CEO都是由Chairman任命的 ,理论上讲Chairman也可以随时解除他们的职务;不仅如此,Chairman可以随时解除任何人的职务,除了董事(Member of the Board)和监事(Member of the Board of Supervisors),因为董事和监事不是公司雇员,而是公司的主人和仲裁人。因此我们常常看到一位弄砸了许多事情的CEO被罢免,却依然保留董事职务;即使他没有多少股份,仁慈的股东往往也会允许他在董事会继续呆下去。

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Mar 30th, 2008


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test by rick 电源按键
1.轻触电源键,屏幕将显示情景模式的选单,你可以通过上下键快速地在各个模式中切换。 在键盘锁模式下打开屏幕灯

1.在Nokia 6110中按住#键不放约一秒钟,屏幕会出现“交换号码?” 按确认后屏幕上方会出现一个2字,这时手机不能拨出但能接听来电,取消重操作一次,利用它可达到锁机的效果!
1.选择一个最不常使用的操作模式,通常是寻呼机 Menu3-5,将个人化选择Menu3-5-2设定完后,重新命名Menu3-5-3为自己的名字,启动后即可。
备注:若要恢复为寻呼机,重新命名Menu3-5-3为空白即可。 Continue Reading »

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Mar 26th, 2008

Google Maps推出UIQ专版

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Google公司终于推出了UIQ智能平台手机专用的Google Maps移动版本,也最终完善了Google Maps对时下主流智能手机操作系统的“入侵”。目前,除了通用版的Google Maps,Google公司分别为Palm OS操作系统、BlackBerry操作系统、Windows Mobile操作系统、iPhone的Mac OS X操作系统、Symbian操作系统的S60平台(第三版)和UIQ平台(第三版)提供了相应的专用版本的Google Maps。

虽然之前通用版的Google Maps也能够在Symbian操作系统的UIQ平台上运行,但是依然存在着反应速度慢、个别操作无效的情况(根据具体的手机机型可能会有所不同)。

UIQ专用版的Google Maps不仅能够完美支持UIQ平台手机的触摸操作,而且还增加了一项新功能——基站定位功能。使用者可以通过通信网络对自己所在的位置进行三角定位,定位结果虽然不如GPS全球卫星定位那样精准,但是对于那些手机上没有内置GPS芯片的机友们来说,能够粗略的将自己的位置显示在Google Maps上也应该算是相当不错了吧。

图为:Google Maps for UIQ3.0下载界面         图为:Google Maps的UIQ专用版的实际使用界面

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Mar 25th, 2008

Nokia 6220 Classic - Why Not an Nseries phone?

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The Nokia 6220 Classic recently passed FCC approval, but this phone completely flew right by me. I did not know this phone had 5 megapixels, xenon flash, GPS, and the latest S60 version. It’s got some improvements over the Nokia N96, N78, and N82 so I’m confused why it’s not part of the Nseries?

The Nokia 6220 classic showed up on the FCC pages yesterday. Here are the documents for your viewing including the user manual.
nokia 6220 c

  • External photos
  • FCC ID label
  • Internal photos
  • Test report
  • Manual

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Mar 21st, 2008

Test run: Nokia E90 Communicator

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Nokia E90Days ago MMMOOO team had a full test run on Nokia E90 Communicator for themes compatibility. Running on real devices is a must, because some details can not be fixed even in a visual editor, especially in those dark themes. And you can see default web browser in tab-switching, Google Maps (China) search results, in this flash slideshow:
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Mar 21st, 2008

Top 10 FREE Applications for your P1i

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Here's a list that I've compiled for the top 10 free applications that's worth having on your P1i: (And by the way, it's not in order. I believe there's at least 5 apps that's going to tie for 1st place)


  1. Fring - The only FREE Skype client supporting the P1i. It's a nifty app, supporting Skype calls via GPRS/3G/WiFi, and also acts as a instant messenger for MSN and GoogleTalk users. The only thing that might improve the software is if it supports video calling too...
  2. Google Maps- I'm sure everyone knows what this is for; it keeps you from getting lost. And not to mention that now there's the "My Location" feature for the P1i too, which takes your providers mobile service towers to find your precise location, thereby providing a free GPS service for users. Only downside is that it needs a high usage/unlimited data plan.
  3. Gmail App - Some people said it didn't work on their P1i, but it seems other users have found a way around it. Either way, it retains the neat Gmail interface on your P1i rather than using the default Messaging app for emails. Downside is that there is no Push feature even though you've got an unlimited data plan; but I'm sure Google will think of something really soon.
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