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Photo theme, DIY your photo to theme - Seamless fit!

Photo Theme DIY is still on serving! Now you have more options with our MMMOOO Premium Service [Since 2008-Nov-21]

Want to make your own preferred photo as your background or onto the cool player panel. Oops, the phone's default frame can not help you make your photo display well and seamless on your background.

We as the leading theme UI provider worldwide, now help you DIY your photo to the theme, Make your photo seamless fit.

There are 7 steps for you know entirely know of our product and service package for you!

See how you can achieve:

One high quality symbiansigned theme for dent freshing your phone screen and user interface. And one professional handworked your own photo theme.

One default symbian signed theme for your normal use!

Choose your preferred style

Now, we just provide elegant and classical two styles, later we will update more style for choose. The two styles shall very nicely cover your need.
The Elegant can display your photo very clearly and feel cleanly;
The Classical style give you a feeling you get your photo beside your window, sweet!

We handworked design your own photo into your phone

As the No.1 theme UI provider world wide, we know deeply of how to make the picture display nice on the theme, and how to make every elements matched with each other. So, just wait and see how your photo will be.

The Elegant style:

The Classical style:

We can put your photos into two parts of a theme, the Main screen and the Player screen, which are most seen by you. You can choose your friend, boy/girl friend, father/mother or other your prefer person or scene as your unique content of the theme.

We send you the theme file by email directly to you within 2 work days!

Things you may also concerned, we think it more than you

  1. We cover all the Nokia symbian s60 1.2 and s60 3 rd phones and s40 3rd os.
    • S60 1.2:
      6680, 6620, 6630, 6600, 6670, 3230, 6681, 6260, N72, 7610, N90, Panasonic X700, X800, Samsung D720, D728
    • S40 3rd:
      128*128: 2610, 2626
      128*160: 5200, 6070, 6103, 6111, 6151, 6125, 6136, 5070, 3109c, 3110c and new phones
      240*320: 5300, 6131, 6233, 6234, 6270, 6275, 6280, 6282, 6288, 7373, 8600, 6500 slide, 6500, classical and new phones
    • S60 3rd:
      176*208: 3250
      208*208: 5500
      240*320: E50, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N91, N92, N93, N95, 6110, 6290, 6120, 5700
      320*240: E61, E62, E61i
      352*416: E60, E65, E70, N80, N83 and new phones which belong to related screensize.
  2. We design all the screen size according your phone, from 128_128, 128_160, 240_320, 176_208, 208_208, 320_240, 352_416. This will make the photo display in the screen with no flex-ing or distorting, just seamless fit!Below is the theme display in different OS's capture, isn't it nice? :)
  3. We also provide OTA download for you, this will much easier for you to apply and get the theme! To use this service, you have o tell us your unique name, if your given name is 'mike', then we will give you the URL as:
  4. Privacy and Policy: As the leading product and platform provider of mobile phone worldwide, we always insist on our principal and privacy/policy strictly to our user, so you can trust us.
    For the photos and outcome theme files we will only keep in future tracking and editing use for you, and your files on the url will only keep till you get the file, then we will del it from our server.
  5. We are a company team wanna using this service? how can we go in this process?
    As company's logo or team/product photo or creative doodle made into phone/cellphone theme, kindly write email to our biz cooperation person:
  6. It seems you haven't list our other brand phone's theme of this service. I am use a Sony Ericsson / SE, Moto, Dopod or mobile mobile phone, can i use this service?
    Of cause, you can use this service! just make order to us!

Nice picture shall be

  1. Composition of a picture shall be simple and clear
  2. The picture shall be rich in color. less in species of colors. cuz a consecutive colors will not display so well on your phone. Cuz your phone screen's resolution is lower than your PC's
  3. If you are not so clear about the two points above, we will always help you make your photo clear and feel nice on the phone, so just set a release heart

How to install the file when you get from us

  • For symbian s60 3rd os phones:Hints for your own unique themes' installation: When installing to S60 3rd phones, you may have to revise as this:
    Tools-> settings-> App.mgr.-> optional-> settings:software installation(all),online certif.check(off).
    This will help you to solve and skip the "security warning" pop-up.
    Theme is a passive content,it's safety and security! All of our themes are proved and tested by sample phones.
  • For symbian s40 3rd phones:When download a .nth file, you need to save it as .nth format on the PC ( the browser may hint you download as .zip, do not do as the hint )

    Enjoy a freshing look of your phone just by two steps!

  • From PC
    If you have a PC with infrared, USB cable or Blue tooth, you can install the theme with it.

    1. INFRARED:In your phone menu, select Connectivity and Infrared. Place your phone so that the infrared ports in your phone and in your computer are in direct line of sight to each other.
    2. USB CABLE:Attach your phone into the USB cable. By using your PC Suite install the theme.
    3. BLUETOOTH: In your phone menu, select Connectivity and bluetooth. Send the .SIS or .Nth file to your phone.
  • From OTA (over the air)We will also provide the OTA download service for you as you need it. Know more of this in the point 4.When you choose OTA downloading, we will send you a url in the email, then you can down this file by typing this url to your browser. Then just save the .sis or .nth file to your gallery or other folder, which you can easily find it!
  • Using theme on Mobile Phone:
    1. Goto Menu->Themes.
    2. 2. Select the theme that just installed.
    3. Select Menu->Options->Apply. Done!

How to pay us and make a order

One default symbiansigned theme and one your unique DIY theme, product plus service! It's totally 11.22 Eur or 15.49 Usd.

You can pay us through PAYPAL or Bank Wire, We strongly suggest you(end-users) pay us by Paypal, and Bank Wire is recommend for company's deal.

For security reason, if you buy our this service package through our website ( you may also buy our product with this service package in many other portal and channels ), you have to inquiry and send our order us firstly, then we will tell you in email how to pay us by Paypal.

Sample order:

Email Title:
John1981's Photo Theme

Email content:
First photo to the main screen ( it's a must )
Second photo to the player screen ( optional )
I also want a OTA download, the name is 'john1981'

So, it's very easy for you to make an order to our, we will reply and confirmed your oder in one work day! If your sent photo to us is very hard to display well in phone, we will also updating with you by photo.

At last, know about our customer slogan again: SINCERELY! UNLIMITED!

Contact us:
MMMOOO Operating Intl' Team
Shanghai Jibiao Info Tech Co.,Ltd.
Tel: +86-21-51693270 +86-21-29221654
Customer service email:
Biz cooperation email:
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