December 22nd, 2009

Report your finds and get a free copy of Super QWERTY!

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Super QWERTY v1.1.0 has been released for a long time and we received some feedback some applications cannot launch from Super QWERTY. Super QWERTY is still on the road to be a great app for BlackBerry users.

Now we're going to upgrade Super QWERTY to v1.2.0 and will add web page support and some new features on OS 5.0 like launch media. We know that there're some apps will launch from it, so we need you to help us find them and we will solve it in the new version. Still if you have any suggestion on Super QWERTY, please also kindly tell us. Once your suggestion is accepted, you will get a free copy of Super QWERTY.

To report a bug, please click here to go to CB forum and follow the rule in this thread. (You need a CB account to reply. )

To give us suggestion, you can write an email to or just leave a comment here.

Popularity: 1% [?]

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  1. Gravatar Icon Al Says:

    Was awsome loved it


    Gravatar Icon
    owen wong Replies:

    Thank you, AI!

    Happy new year!


  2. Gravatar Icon Paul Says:

    One of the best theme pages I have seen


  3. Gravatar Icon owen wong Says:

    thanks, man!


  4. Gravatar Icon lely Says:

    Can I get a free copy? Thanks


  5. Gravatar Icon owen wong Says:

    You can search on the Internet for a contest, we're now holding contests with our partners for free copies. Or you can just send us suggestion or feedback, once confirmed, you will get a free copy.


  6. Gravatar Icon Meka Says:

    Paul the octopus is absolutely the best oracle


  7. Gravatar Icon vtrbtrrkk Says:

    Report your finds and get a free copy of Super QWERTY! - MMMOOO blog


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