October 1st, 2009

We celebrate China 60 years birthday, our National Day.

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Hi, to all MMMOOO users and visitors, you know are located in Shanghai, China. So we will celebrate our China 60 years birthday, the National Day, Oct 1st. And we will have our national holiday since Oct, 1st to 8th 8 days, including our Chinese Middle Autumn Day.

We will still on board to serve you if you have questions, just leave a reply here or at our KnowBar, or Email: cs(at)mmmooo.com. Plz be so kind to understand we will reply you a little bit later, but we promise a longest 2 working day your questions will be replied. ;) :) ;)

Here is the new modern China master views in a concise scenes:

Popularity: 1% [?]


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  1. Gravatar Icon Emir Says:

    then have a good holiday


  2. Gravatar Icon technodad Says:

    Have a nice time !!


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    M-Boy Replies:

    hi, i visit your blog, very nice photos, so you shot them all your self?
    maybe we can made them into our theme, seems a good idea :)


  3. Gravatar Icon Summer Says:

    Pictures taken at National Day Parade are also magnificent.


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  5. Gravatar Icon Amos Catlow Says:

    Can't wait to see how phones will be in the future


  6. Gravatar Icon throat sore Says:

    Wonderful, thank you very much for this really informative article. Just like your other blog posts, everything is well structured and clear. Thank you again!


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