MMMOOO Premium Service

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3. Demo
4. Make it special
5. Get things done
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What's Premium

MMMOOO Premium Service ultimately realizes our mission: 'Enrich your mobility!' and guarantees your needs to be satisfied 100% , surpasses surprise & imagination! What's inside?

  • Premium quality & designing
  • Customized service in product: You can define each product's name or embed your name, slogan, badge in some pages of a product
  • Lifetime free support & updates
  • Email support once every 12 hours, Monday to Saturday every week; Mature online help community 7*24*365; Direct call supported
  • Refund smoothly when you are not satisfied

You pay with acceptable & deserved price, we provide with unique product & service! And customized service is the most impressive point in this service package, many many users worldwide have enjoyed this service, and have known there is much more than just mobile phone content or application.

So we guide you how to customize your product.

Choose a product

First choose a product from our shop or our partners' site, MMMOOO brand product ranges from theme ui, application, screensavers, ringtone, wallpaper to ebook for Nokia, Samsung, Lg, SE, Moto, Rim, HTC, Dopod, Apple, Gphone such brands of Symbian S60, S40, UIQ, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile such os. If you've bought our product already without knowing this service yet, you can still enjoy this service by sending your buying form/email/reciept to cs(at) with your needs inspired by steps & demonstration below.


Below, are some examples by which we will let you know better of this customized service. And all of our commercial products in all catalogs that offer MMMOOO Premium Service. Also, plz dont limit your imagination within our demo, we can realize your ultimate ideas & needs.

Case 1: Add your own name, brand in an app

Case 2: Add your own name and slogan in an app

Case 3: Send this app to your boyfriend with your own name, and embed some honey words for him :)

Case 4: Add your own name; you can change the background's color; add your puppy; rename the theme with your own name

Case 5: Send a Memorable theme for friend's wedding on Blackberry

Case 6: Add a sentence to encourage someone :) , we even make the sentence animated to achieve the best mathced effect

Make it special

For Themes:

We prepare icons as below for your selection, these icons are the best icons with recogiton from many many users, and with our more than 5 years in theme industry's experience.

There's some other icon sets available, we will update them till we think they are really nice and derserve your long term use!

Note I: all icon sets are suitable for one theme, but we will give you some suggestions, you can trust our professional and sincerity.

For themes, apps, screensaver, flash lite animated wallpapers and other products:

You can add personal: words, sentence, badge, mark, logo, photo, picture inside a product in proper places we reserve for you forehand when designing a product. Also, you can name the product by your own name.

Note II: Some pictures may not suitable for phone idle background, idle screen information will get poor readability above them. Usually, we make them framed, look like real picture frames on your desk.

Get things done

MMMOOO Premium Service is a not automatically included & delivered service, it needs your request manually by email.

Copy the sample order as below to your email, then be sure make it with your own inspired ideas & needs. If you bought our product from our partners' sites, kindly enclose your buying form/email/reciept from them.

  • Email title: Tony's MMMOOO Premium Service
  • Original Product name: eg. EverLight
  • I wanna the names as: TonyLight ( if you leave it blank, we will not customize it for you)
  • Icon set: MMMOOO BOLD ( if your product is theme, kindly tell us your option )
  • Include these: Name, Word, Slogan, Sentence
  • Include these: Logo, badge, images ( use attachment, our email supported a max 25Mb size attachment)
  • My mode is: N95
  • Help me send this product as gift to: ( we will keep you bcc )

To: cs(at)

Kindly note that our service is based on 'one to one', and our professional & passionate service team can deal with your email order very efficiently, we understand your need very much. You can trust us, and the only thing you can do after the email sent out is to enjoy the upcoming MMMOOO Premium Service.

Keep contact

We offer a steady, efficient and must-be-contacted service for you

  • cs(at) our primary, suggested and efficient method for you
  • Online help community: served you 7*24*365, and mostly, you find answers by yourself
  • +86-21-56193270: English speaking call supported from 8:30-17:00, +0800, Monday to Friday


We welcome every customer to enjoy this service, however, on terms below you must agree with us:

1. You can not distribute and share the customized file at any site or page.
2. The customized file is still a copyright to MMMOOO, and you have the exclusive right to use it. MMMOOO will not distribute or use this particular file as well.
3. You can not unpack or hack our file for any purpose.
4. MMMOOO will for sure keep your information in privacy.


Some of the cases in DEMO are real stories happened with MMMOOO, and we welcome you to submit your story to us via email: cs(at) We'd like to hear your voice, ideas & joy, we will bonus your participation with our creative products.

Story 1: Photo Slide theme for Blackberry

Several days ago a photo slide theme for Blackberry was let out and made itself noticed on famous sites like BerryReview. And it turned out that the theme has been on a large extent more like an experiment than a commercial product. For it is the idea of making a very unique theme only for the very self of every single user we intended to express with the theme. You can check it out at BerryReview site or at MMMOOO blog.

The theme features a thorough personalized idle page on which you have your own pictures as the main screen icons. As the trackball rolls, images would one by one be selected and animated to be larger being displayed in the certer of the screen. Also there is a video demo of the theme you can watch for getting a more tangible idea what it works like.

Story 2: Symbian theme with no error message poping out

Nokia s60 v3 device users may every now and then have the error message poped out as they power on or reboot the phone. The error message to be noticed is almostly as follows: "Untrusted software found in memory card..." , "installing.. untrusted software found in mass memory go to app manager". It's due to the third-party apps you have installed on your memory card. Well, we have noticed such error from the very first place and developed solutions. The apps and themes you download from MMMOOO are credited to have such error information resolved. So feel free to try our products.

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